Medical Coverage

Medical Insurance Coverage

Deciding which employee benefit plan is right for you can be confusing. Although it is easy to tune out the details of each plan, knowing the specifics of how your plan works can provide a better understanding and potentially greater savings to you.  We at Design Concepts and Solutions are committed to working with our clients to provide a health plan that makes things easier for you, with more options and a lot less red tape.  Our philosophy emphasizes consumer-driven health care plans, designed to make members more accountable for health care expenditures and to improve the employer's bottom line.

Depending on the design of your plan we can offer:

  • A national network of doctors and hospitals, making it easier to receive the care

you need when and where you need it.

  • Specialized support programs, for people with serious or chronic conditions and

wellness tools to help individuals stay healthy.

  • Comprehensive and cost effective plan designs.
  • Customized Health Reimbursement Arrangements, High Deductible Health

Plans, Health Savings Accounts

We secure medical bids from the following companies based on the statements of health forms provided by each employer:

  • Presbyterian Health Plan
  • Lovelace Health Plan
  • United Healthcare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna Healthcare
  • Aetna

Our analysis will illustrate plans with similar benefits and deductibles for comparative purposes, but changes can be implemented based on the goals and objectives of the group. Once a plan is determined we will work with the plans administrator and individual employees to insure the underwriting process is implemented and completed on a timely basis. Everything we do comes down to making it easier, not harder for you to provide a comprehensive and cost effective medical program for you and your